Marathonbet live bet


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Dec 22, 2012
I have such a bad experience with bookie Marathonbet. I placed a bet on 1 live soccer match that goal will be scored by the end of the match. Soon after that goal was scored and later about 20mins after the match, I saw that my bet was void and they explained me that I placed a bet when goal was scored already!?? If goal was scored why they allowed me to place a bet and even I could place a bet 10secs later. Also it passed few secs because they need a time to check bet, so it means that bet was clear. So they showed that they r very cheap and scrooge since they don't care about customers and because of 3euros they lost some customers, me and my friends at least. I'll suggest everybody to void this bookie and chose some other, since there r so many online bookies!

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Nov 15, 2012
We have updated the title of the complaint to include the name of the bookmaker.