Ladbrokes not paying - unreasonable requests and lack of communication


Feb 21, 2016
I have 855€ in my Ladbrokes account and have been trying to withdraw for about two weeks now. I sent an electricity bill and my passport for verification but they rejected the electricity boll without giving any explanation. Afterwards I uploaded a bank statement and 6 days later they haven't even replied.

Every time I try to call I have to stay about 30 minutes on the line. The staff can be very rude and all they say is "there is nothing we can do, please email security" (I can't talk to them directly). The live chat is never answered by anyone.

I'm starting to feel a bit frustrated as I have read other people have been denied their payments too in the past without any reason. Is there anything I can do if they refuse to pay?

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Nov 15, 2012
You can appeal to the UKGC via the IBAS service if they refuse to pay you. But far better to try to get approved than deal with that.

If there is an issue with your documents they treat it as a security issue and will not tell you much at all. And the regular CS staff simply do not know the details anyway.

The problems they might have with an electricity bill is that it is too old, looks altered, is not a high enough resolution image so they can zoom in to look for editing or does not show all four edges completely.

If any of that sounds like it fits the image you submitted, I'd suggest sending it again as a very hi-res photograph (as opposed to a scan)... even if they haven't asked you to do that.

As far as the 6 days for the security dept to clear an account that has been flagged with any sort of KYC question, it can take two weeks regularly. There is no set time but one thing you can say is that they are not sure they are going to decline you or it probably would have happened faster.