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Nov 5, 2015
hello all

after I registred ladbrokes(about 3 month ago) I sent my documents for verification. after looong waiting(10 days aprox) I get email-
Thank you for contacting us regarding your account hanger5.
We have received the following document/s:

1. ID
2. Proof of address

We are glad to inform you that your ID has been accepted as valid by our department. Your account has been updated accordingly.

However, your proof of address is unverifiable after we have checked it.

they asking another proof of address,I sent another proof of address.

Thank you for contacting us regarding your account: hanger5
We have received the copy of your proof of address and saved it in a secured file. We appreciate your effort in sending us the required document.
Please be informed that we have forwarded the said copy to our Security Team for further verification. Once we receive an update rest assured that you will be notified immediately.

and now the most interesting.
after looong waiting about 10 days I get email

Dear Customer,

Welcome back to Ladbrokes. We are pleased to inform you that your account is now fully active. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

i try to login-unsacces-your account is frozen !!!

Im asking support-whats up??
get answer-

We are writing to inform you that your Ladbrokes account is currently frozen as we have been unable to verify your age successfully.

We can fix this for you in a few minutes if you wish to follow one of the two steps below:

1. Call a member of our Irish Verification Team on 01-403-6593; or

2. Send a mail to and book an appointment

i got tired of all of this bureaucracy and ask -if you cant verify my account please return my deposit - i dont have time sole YOUR verification bureaucracy problems.

Still-after 3 month I dont have my deposit 100 eur.

Question here-is it normally if A rating bookmaker stealing deposits if cant verify accounts??

First time i see bookmaker who dont returned deposit if account is frozen by verification problems.


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Nov 26, 2015
Hi I opened an account with ladbrokes deposited around 3k did a number of bets with them lost 1k approx went to withdraw my money and got blocked I have had my age verified but they haven't accepted 3 utility's and bank statement as proof of address I'm waiting 16 days when ever I contact customer service they say different department they cannot help send email again or I get from a different representative it will take up yo 48 hours but the problem is its way over 48 hours I'm finding this very stressful experience and feel like I'm being cheated I have accounts with the majority of other uk Irish bookmakers but have never experienced anything like this should I be concerned they have rejected 3 documents already and I have had the same type and style of document accepted without fail in every other account that I have


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Nov 25, 2015
had same problem with Ladbrokes.Looks they approve ONLY UK addreses which owners is same as postal code owners..
Also recomnde-stay away from this bookie !!!