Kambi to launch Mybet in Germany


Mar 23, 2018
Kambi has signed a multi-year agreement to relaunch Mybet in Germany.
Following the insolvency of its previous owner, Mybet Holding SE, the sportsbook was withdrawn from the market last year, after 15 years of operation.
The brand and digital assets, however, have been purchased by a new investment group.
The deal will see Kambi provide Rhinoceros Operations Ltd with its full range of managed services to launch a sportsbook with other brands under the ownership.
Kristian Nylén, Kambi Chief Executive Officer, said: “The story of Mybet illustrates why operators cannot afford to rely purely on the strength of their brand and history in a market. Online sports bettors are increasingly promiscuous so operators must ensure they have sufficient scale in their product investments to provide exciting sports betting experiences at all times to remain competitive.”
The relaunch is expected to take place during H1 2019.
Nylén said: “We are excited by the potential of Mybet. The brand remains strong and, with the quality the Kambi Sportsbook offers, we believe Mybet can once again become a leading player in the German market and elsewhere.”
Tobias Carlsson, CEO of the Rhinoceros Group, said: “Our agreement with Kambi is one of the cornerstones on which we will build the future of a great brand. Mybet was one of the pioneers in the German sports betting field, and together with Kambi and our other partners we will do everything in our power to revive that legacy and bring players the experience they desire and deserve.”


New member
Jun 4, 2016
Hopefully this means those who thought their money was gone will be paid after all.