Is UK government really consider banning credit card gambling?


Following reports the UK government is considering banning the use of credit cards to gamble, the Gambling Insider editorial team argues for and against the latest potential regulatory hurdle for the industry.

In fact, if the UK government goes ahead and bans credit card gambling, why not just scrap credit cards altogether? After all, a gambler losing more through a credit card is no different to a clothes shopper, sports car enthusiast or customer at a bar. Are we then to prohibit buying clothes, cars and alcohol with credit cards too?


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Seem lately they have been cracking down on EVERYTHING questionable related to gambling & sports betting.

It almost seems as if they want to banish it completely.

There will always be people who cannot control themselves no matter what it is in life.

Even Eating

Some people lose control while the majority remain in control, no matter what it is.

To try & punish everyone because of a few, is asinine.


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It's also rumoured that they are considering banning UK bookmakers from taking online bets between midnight and 6am.


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It all stems from a consultation exercise the UKGC held last year and that produced various suggestions as to how best to combat problem gambling. Three of the suggestions were to ban credit cards, prevent gambling between midnight and 6am and to stop bookmakers from allowing withdrawal requests to be reversed. I think the last one is quite a good idea and is by far the most likely of the three to be implemented, but you never know....


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Personally, I can see some benefit in banning using credit for gambling. If you have a serious problem with gambling, filling up your credit cards is one of the very first issues for most at a guess. But how effective would that really be in stopping that person taking a cash advance to get the money for gambling anyway?

The midnight to 6am thing is way too intrusive though. Especially when it's to protect something like 2% of the community in reality.

I do agree with bookmakers have to be responsible but it seems like it's got the point the whole issue is like a political smokescreen almost. "Look at us talking about limiting gambling with cards, look over here now."


Good point,Brad.I suppose gambling with money that you haven't got [credit card] could be worse than gambling with money that you have got [debit card] - as chasing your losses could push you deeper into debt.You could also wind up having to pay high rates of interest..
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