How to Win the UK Lotto Jackpot Without Getting the Six Winning Numbers


It’s a controversial move because it means the UK Lotto jackpot isn’t going to be getting too high. After previous changes, the top prize got as high as £66m but Wednesday’s draw only has a £12.9m jackpot on the line. All a bit puny compared to the £100m EuroMillions Superdraw on February 1 and the multi-million jackpots seen in the USA and Canada.

So how does a ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw work? Well, if anyone is lucky enough to match the six main numbers, then it’s the same as any other UK Lotto draw. It’s when no ticket can get those numbers that it starts to get interesting.

If that is the case on Wednesday, the £12.9m jackpot will be distributed to the next four tiers. 3% goes to the second-tier where you need to match five of the main balls and the Bonus Ball. 6% is allocated to the third-tier for matching the five main balls and 17% to tier number four where to win you need to match four main balls. As for those who are only able to get three main balls, that tier sees 74% allocated.
A recent Lotto 6 aus 49 draw in Germany saw three players each win over €3n despite not matching all the numbers required. It’s a way to ensure the draw doesn’t go too long without a jackpot being won (as is the case with the SuperEnalotto draw) but wouldn’t players also like to win larger jackpots?


Hi,Tart ! Perhaps people are happier with a greater chance of still becoming multi-millionaires.
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I guess it's a way to differentiate themselves. If you can't be the biggest prize on the block, make it easier to win.
I would actually prefer it this way. There are so many horror stories of how winning an insane amount of money destroyed someone's life. Win less but it might make it more manageable for those who do manage to win.