Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors/ Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics


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NBA Action is Fantastic!!!

I hope I am not getting ahead of my self by writing Philly off as losing already but since the NBA season kicked off I have been looking forward to the playoffs for

this reason. The East/West conference match-ups, outside of Boston a lot of people saw the other three teams being here, and even Boston by mid-season was

looking like they could make some noise in the playoffs.

So how does everyone see these match-ups playing out? Winners and in how many games?
I picked Houston since the beginning of the playoffs and I am sticking with them. (Houston in 7 games)

I am going with Boston over the Cavs. (Boston in 6 games)


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I hope you're right about Boston beating Cleveland but the Cavaliers have owned the Celtics & i dont see anything changing for now.

Houston is explosive but Golden State is simply an even better version of them.

Both should exciting series but i see a Cavs vs Warriors Finals again.


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This couple series have got to be one of the best lately. Unfortunatelly, like Wagerallsports mentioned, I feel like we'll have the usual Cavs-Warriors finals again. Still, I do hope Rockets put on quite a fight. Celtics? not so much.