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Jun 11, 2014
I have a problem , if anyone can please give me some advice.

I opened a 2nd account with the same bookmaker i already had an account with (using a made up name and address) to tak advantage of £50 sign up bonus.
I deposited thru skrill with my own real name skrill account.

The plan was to bet a team at 5/1 who i thought wouldn't win and lay it on bf for the same stake to get the £50 bonus.
The selection won and then the next won as well and now i am left with £400 in said bookmaker.

I have withdrew the money and its showing as pending, until the verify it.
what are the chances of them noticing that the skrill account and the name registered to the betting site are different?
even if they do can they withold my winnings or is there a chance they could just put the money back to the skrill account i deposited from?

Other option is to cancel the withdrawal , if i could only think of some way to get the money out by betting on there and laying on betfair (minus commission of course)

if anybody has any good ideas or any experince of this i would be very much greatful
i will send £30 to anyone who can give me advice that could solve this problem

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Nov 15, 2012
There's an extremely high chance they'll discover the discrepancies as that's one of the first basic fraud checks a sportsbook undertakes but if it's a good book they'll refund your initial deposit and close your account instead of keeping the whole amount. You give a sportsbook too much power when you fraudulently open an account because you're at their mercy when they find out as they usually do at some point. Not worth the stress for such a small bonus amount.


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May 21, 2013
I'm afraid that opening a betting account using a made up name and address is a road to nowhere. The chances of you being paid out any winnings are close to zero and some operators won't even refund your initial deposit.