Help Please Coral Account frozen


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First of all Hi - I’m new to the forum and need some advice
I’ve been joining the dots together and have searched this issue however just need a bit of guidance - apologies in advance for the ramble

I opened a Coral account last Saturday played relatively small amounts On the slots and had a win making a withdrawal of C£200 ish I went in later in the day and wasn’t able to access the account access has been blocked - So called and spoke with CS who explained about accounts from others within their brand although they would advise me shortly regarding the withdrawal- Sunday I received an email saying after investigation they are pleased to confirm my account has been reactivated so as far as I was concerned everything had been OK’d - Since then I had been waiting for the withdrawal to be processed.

Today I messaged them to be told it had been authorised and was on the way back - I then logged in to have a play reversed it then deposited more (within my limits) I then won a reasonable amount c£1500. Made a withdraw received the confirmation email. Then went back to check later, only to find that my account access has been blocked. So I phoned them up and they advise me that the reason access has been withdrawn is because I have other other accounts - surely this was also the case when they confirmed my account had been reinstated on the Sunday?

After searching I’ve previously had Accounts with (Ladbrokes and Gala spins)

Where do I stand with the withdrawal?

I’m almost certain I SE’d from both Ladbrokes and Gala spins - if they withhold the payout why would they have reactivated the account initially on Sunday - I’ve kept all emails

strangely I’ve just checked and it’s now allowing me access again? Withdrawal showing as pending

Thanks in advance

extremely confused



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Just to update

I’m pleased you advise that payment was authorised over night and a credit is now back in my PayPal Account