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Feb 6, 2015
How I wish I had known about this forum before !!
I wonder whether anyone else has had the same experience as me with GR88. I first registered with them in November and all went well initially. I lost several bets but had taken advantage of their bonuses so did't worry too much.
They then offered me another bonus and this time I managed to win and ended up with funds in my account, after playing through their bonus requirements.
When I tried to withdraw the funds they then sent me an e-mail saying the account had been suspended because of fraudulent activity in that they say my account was linked to another GR88 account. I have absolutely no idea why they would allege this as I have never had any other account with them or tried to open any such account.
I wrote them an email trying to sort out what the problem was but they simply haven't replied.
Has anyone else had an experience similar to this and if so, how did you proceed ?


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May 21, 2013
They don't appear to have a UK Gambling Commission licence. If they don't, they are operating illegally by accepting custom from UK-based players.

I'm afraid that there is also evidence elsewhere on this forum to suggest that they are thoroughly disreputable - do a search for 'GR88' using the forum's search tool and you'll see what I mean. I don't want to sound too pessimistic, but I think you'll be lucky to see any of your money again.


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Oct 6, 2014
They're an American facing bookie so are technically operating illegally anyway. There does seem to be a few complaints knocking around about this bookie at the moment.

I think your problem may not be multiple accounts with gr88, but multiple accounts within a group. Plenty of these American facing bookies operate as part of a group and will only allow one account at one of the sites within their group. Some do allow accounts at all of their sites but you can only claim the bonus at one of them.

Have you checked to see if they are linked to any other sites??