GR88 is a great Sportsbook with excellent service



Feb 7, 2015
I am relatively new to GR88 and can confirm that they will process your withdrawals. They have processed three withdrawals of £2000 for me, they have a system where you have to place your withdrawal and you will typically be paid in 3 - 5 business days. They offer deposits and withdrawals via debit card and skrill.

My third withdrawal did take a little longer as i believe GR88 had to conduct some further security measures, during this time i was quite persistent with chasing this up with their live chat facility. My initial concerns about my withdrawal were misguided as GR88 did process my withdrawal albeit in a slightly longer time frame due to some additional security checks.

So hopefully this post can act as an apology to GR88 for my initial doubts and also act to instill confidence in any other players considering using them. I can confirm that GR88 will process withdrawal requests within 5 business days in accordance with there terms.

They offer some good welcome bonuses so could well be worth considering for any new people considering using them.