GR88 accuses BMR reader of fraud

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Online bookmaker GR88 has accused a BookmakersReview reader of fraud.

The player's ordeal began in January of 2015, shortly after he requested a €164 payout. He was first told he could not make a withdrawal due to not completing his bonus requirement (minimum amount of turnover).

He then made additional wagers, and asked if his account was now fully able to redeem a payout. He was told to send a screenshot of his Skrill account. He did so, and was told within 5 working days he would receive his funds. | <a href="">Read the rest</a>.


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Excellent - good to see a thread on here which gives details of an investigation. I hope you follow it up with information that you will be allowed to post to keep forum users in the know.

I personally feel all cases you undertake should be publicly available as it can lead to false representation of a company. Obviously you can't post explicit details of a case, but you should really at least say " having reviewed evidence provided, the user is innocent or guilty"

It will put faith back into readers / potential users of the forum and of course the regular contributors.

I hope you keep this updated


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Yes, I second that. Very good to see BMR Support actively investigating a player's grievance and planning to post details of the investigation's progress.