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Hello, my story is pretty short, I have lost over 2k$ on a site called I have asked for self exclusion because I have a massive problem and they did as I asked to so they banned my account. But later on I have asked them to reopen my account and they did but they said I will never get my account back.Is there a way to get a refund?
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I have convinced live chat, so they gave me an email which is their higher managment.
This is what I sent to them:
"Hello I was given this email by your employees so you can review my case.
So I was gambling a lot on and lost a lot of money so I asked support for self exclusion and they banned me as intended(they said my account will never be reopened ). But a day later I have asked support to reopen my account and they did, I lost even more money and I have asked for a full refund because my account got reopened even tho I was excluded(banned) from the site.
I don't know if fully understands the rules of self exclusion but it is a serious breach of your license if you let self excluded people gamble.

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Hi, please fill out this complaint form and we will look into this for you.


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Hello, I know what you are talking about, I have been through a similar situation some months ago. I usually play and after a big loss, I decided to freeze my account for an indefinite period of time. I had 600$ on that account but I forgot to withdraw them. I thawed my gambling account after 2 months, and everything was alright. Money was on my account, but I couldn’t use them till I didn’t confirm my identity and my passport details. I thought every casino works similarly. I am sorry for your loss, still, write to their support, maybe they will find a way to help you.


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Maybe there is a way to get back your account, but the question is: why would you continue gambling after losing 2k$?
Maybe, gambling isn't for you?
I also love betting, but I never lost such an amount, and I would never bet 2k$.
Now, coming back to your question on how to get your account back, I would suggest you betting on another bookmaker.
For example, I bet on W88 and I would say that this is the most reliable and best betting site.
If you want, you may also try betting on the site I mentioned above.


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That is what I always say to any players is that you need to check the website you are playing on for thousands of times and never be lazy to switch to other services as there are plenty of them across the internet. I play on since 2020 and I never had any issues cause before starting to play I checked all reviews available on the internet. Also before playing I studied strategies and tactics on how to win in poker.
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