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Nov 15, 2012
<p>Bookmakers Review welcomes your feedback, information and experiences with online bookmakers and your thoughts and opinions about online gambling news.</p><p>There are several good betting forums where you can discuss betting tips,  gambling strategies, sports betting systems, free bets offers, casino gambling and poker. On Bookmakers Forum we will discuss online bookmakers, rating updates, bookmaker complaints, betting laws and other issues and news related to the online betting industry.<br /><br />To help us retain the quality and trust that define BMR and to make everyone's time on Bookmakers Forum more enjoyable, please stay on topic and follow these simple rules:<br /><br /><strong>Conversation guidelines</strong></p><ul><li>Lively debates are accepted, in most cases desirable and encouraged. But always be respectful of others.</li><li>You have the right to disagree. But avoid pissing contests and personal attacks.</li><li>Threat the other members of Bookmakers Forum with the same respect that you would like from them.</li><li>When asking for help, give the community all the information you can and if other members do not agree with you, remember: you asked for it.</li><li>When answering someone's question, always assume that not everyone may know as much as you do.</li><li>Do not write anything you will be embarrassed about later.</li><li>Do not post private information or any information about other members.</li><li>Don't feed the trolls. Simply ignore them.</li></ul><p><br /><strong>Forum guidelines</strong></p><ul><li>Do not ask the same question over and over again.</li><li>Do not post multiple threads on the same topic. Before starting a new discussion, please check to see if the topic is already being discussed and in that case contribute to the existing thread.</li><li>Do not bump old threads for no reason.</li><li>Do not post on Bookmakers Forum to ask or tell BMR something. Use email for that.</li><li>If you have a genuine news of special interest from another reputable web site, you can post a short excerpt and a link to the original article. In no case you should post the entire article, as doing so violates the copyright of the publication that originally published the article.</li><li>Your account is yours alone. Do not share it with anyone. Do not post on behalf of banned members. Do not post affiliate links. If you choose to ignore these rules, your account will be terminated.</li></ul><p>We don't care what other forums do. If you want to be a member of Bookmakers Forum these are the rules to respect.<br /><br /><strong>Special message for players with bookmaker complaints</strong><br />If you have a problem with a bookmaker you are welcome to write about it on the forum. But please do not use offensive language or make specific accusations you cannot prove (for example: the bookmaker is bankrupt). Further to that, at Bookmakers Forum we don't want to see threads where players with alleged problems with a bookmaker call the bookmaker names and then just disappear.<br /><br />Other betting forums allow you to do that because either they don't know any better or in some cases they know those threads help them to rank well on Google for terms like "bookmaker name scam".<br /><br />If you are a disgruntled bettor looking to vent your frustrations, you are not welcome here. If you are an online bettor with a real problem, we will do our best to help you as we have always done.<br /> </p><p>We know these guidelines are not exhaustive, but rather than looking for loopholes, we ask you to understand and respect the intent behind them.</p><p>We don't intend to censor forum messages based on the opinions expressed, but we will apply our right to remove inappropriate content as well as enforce the Bookmakers Review Terms of Service.</p><p>In most cases, if you violate a rule, we’ll send you a warning and give you a second chance. Subsequent violations will result in the termination of your account.</p><p>Any form of abuse towards staff of Bookmakers Forum or Bookmakers Review will result in immediate termination of your account.</p><p>If there are any guidelines or rules you do not understand, please contact us.</p>