Formula 1 - Baku GP



Jun 4, 2016
I think tyres are going to play a big part in this race. Teams had to choose their mix months ago and some have got it wrong. In particular Kimi Raikkonen.

Due to this it looks fairly certain to me that Raikkonen will be forced to stop at least twice in the race and will have to use the ultrasoft last.

What that means to me is that he is better chance than normal to take the fast lap, on newer tyres late in the race.

He has also been consistently faster than team mate Vettel during Friday practices, so also like him at 2.20 head to head to beat Vettel in qualifying.

Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari): Fastest Lap 11.00 (5Dimes)

Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari): Qualifying Head to Head 2.20 (Crownbet)
Sebastian Vettel v Kimi Raikkonen

I Also like Dan Ricciardo for fast lap but his odds are a bit low right now at 7.00. Also due to the high number of incidents in this race it's also worth splashing a few quid across the long shots for fast lap imho.
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