cancels winning bets


Jan 20, 2016
On the 5th of January I placed 12 bets in total of 2970 euros on, with and average stake of ~ 250 euros on various markets from the match Alexandria Arad, women basketball from Romania.

The bets had been placed in a span of 10 minutes, during the 1st quarter of the match, which was offered in running by

Bets were placed on the home team, Alexandria on various markets: match winner, match spreads, 1st quarter winner, 1st quarter spread, 2nd quarter winner, 2nd quarter spread.

Bets were placed on various lines and odds, the company was adjusting the lines in running.The home team won the match and beat all the spreads, even if they lost the 4th quarter.

After ~ 20 minutes, after seeing that the home team is building a nice lead, the company cancelled all my bets.

When I asked why, they just replied that they cancelled my bets according to point 4.5, which includes numerous situations. I asked them to be more specific, they refused to answer.

Also, I've placed a few bets on the same match on, the leading giant in the industry. They have settled all my bets as winners, even if the spread and the odds were bigger than the ones I've found on

The fact that banned me and doesn't let me to place bets anymore should not be a surprise I guess, so I'm not even going to focus on this point.

Fonbet returned my doposit but refuses to pay my winnings. I've done a little research over the internet and I saw they are not new to this kind of theft and betting fraud, has any of you interacted with them and solved a similar issue?

I've contacted the Gambling Comission from Curacao, they are a joke, they don't even reply to your emails.

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Nov 15, 2012
The rule itself is a bit wide ranging, allowing the company to make arbitrary decisions without having to justify itself, but if they cancelled the bets after 20 minutes and well before the result was known it is fair to assume that they probably detected unusual betting activity on the match and have genuinely voided the market.

4.5 In case of human errors by the Company staff or computer malfunctions during the acceptance of bets (such as: obvious mistakes in odds, non-corresponding odds in depending positions, etc.), and in the case where the game is suspected of being rigged, or in other cases of violation of the Rules, the Company has a right to cancel such a bet. Should international anti match fixing organizations EWS-FIFA and Federbet, suspect of any match fixing or other such manipulation of the sporting event, the Company has the right to block the account of the client who placed bets on the event until a final conclusion is drawn by the anti match fixing organizations. If the final conclusion results in a match being fixed, then all bets placed will be cancelled. Administration is not required to submit proof of the suspected rigging or manipulation with the result of the event.


Nov 20, 2012
It's a bit hard,olegdmitriev,but you placed a range of bets totaling a large amount with a bookie who wasn't that big.The bets were all likely to win if Alexandria did well.The event wasn't a big event.You knew Fonbet wouldn't have wanted such a large liability on a minor event.By spreading the bets across different markets,you got around Fonbet's limits.It's not surprising you alerted their systems,and they probably voided the bets as soon as they could.
In the circumstances,they acted reasonably to protect themselves.
Sorry,but you were asking for trouble.