Fan-sport not allowing me to withdrawal


New member
Jan 3, 2020
Hello , i opened an account in this website early december, and soon they started asking for my documents ( 1xbet methods) ridicilous but i did it and i passed the verification and after that i could withdraw normally.
Fast Foward and i win big in last week of december and because of that they asked again for my documents ( this time different documents ) and i wonder if this is even possible to make me verify my account 2 times in less than 1 month? Not only that but they are really using that 1xbet method where they make a long time to asnwer to try and make you gamble the money.
They asked for bills with my adress on it , after i sent them they said : Your data is under verification please wait, after 100 hours and a lot of complaing what they say? please send your driver license so basically they didnt verify anything and just made me wait It is clear what they are trying to attempt here.
I would be so happy if you could make some "pressure" on them regarding my account.
My account : 150602009