ESSA is killing all the bets


New member
Mar 17, 2014
I am a professional player. I am analyzing small matches( tennis itf, football and basketball 2nd and 3rd leages). I believe is possible to gain money on the small tournaments, because bookmakers aren't analyzing those tournament good. But with the new ESSA (European Sports Security Association) is impossible to get moneyback if you win more than 500 euro. I have a lot of bets under investigation. And my friends too. For example you can make 2 bets: 1 you win , 1 you lose, and when you lose nothing happens, but if you win more than 500euro, they start an investigation,and you can wait for years until they finish an investigation. I can collect all investigation bets i have and of the russian players, who have this problem. Betway, Unibet, Paddypower, Willam Hill and others have an investigations for nothing. If you lose-you lose, if you win - investigation for 2 years and maybe they will void your bet. Write down somebody who has the same problem. And suggest me something please, how to solve this problem and to get your own win.Thank you. Andrey