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I am posting this to share my experience with LGA of Malta
Do they ever answer to emails?!!!
I am not saying to solve dispute between players and bookies (probably this is out of the question) , I am saying if they even typically answer to emails
I have send 3 (yes 3 times!) the same complaint regarding a bookie (refer : ) on 24/12/2012 18/1 and 21/1 before to finally receive an answer (from probably the only person answering emails) on 22/1 confirming that they received my emails and they made contact with bookie in question (Bet Rebels , , but unfortunately that was the last time I ever hear from them.
I contacted again on 5/2/2013 to ask if there is any news regarding my matter , but until now nothing!!!
I have heard that LGA is not among the most reliable authorities of the world but this is beyond limits of imagination!!!
Is this always their way of protecting players from scam bookies?
I will try to inform government authorities of Malta about LGA’s “performance” hoping that they are more sufficient in their duties (Probably I made you lough with this one but let me tell you that it is not funny at all when you are losing your money from scammers and even worst when these money is more than needed)


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Hi captainody
The simple answer to your question is "no". Your problem sounds pretty bad.
All your assumptions on the LGA is correct. You may as well have a license written on toilet paper, as the LGA is nothing special. The fact that bookmakers online user the LGA license as some form of assurance to players is laughable. There are a huge number of rouge operators in the past that have got away with stealing players money (Gold Victory, Stryyke etc). Also, a number of current Maltese licensed operations are slow paying (Unibet etc). If you check all the articles historically, Malta is not a players favourite jurisdiction.
Interestingly, Betsson is the ONLY BMR Green Listed with a Malta licence.


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I Can confirm your opinion about Betsson but this probably doesn't have to do anything with the fact that it is Malta licenced , i also can add to the very small list of Malta licenced and still reliable bookies (greek interest company)


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To my surprise more than 15 days after my reminder (note that it was the 2nd reminder) still no answer (I am sure you are already laughing again)
Anyway must i rest assured that my money is lost or there is anything that i can do to put pressure on them (i mean LGA ) ? Any ideas?
Do anyone know who is the supervisor goverment authority of LGA?
Or maybe an aticle of BMR about LGA's useless role towards protecting players would shake them a little ? (3rd time i am making you laughing) ;)

Well what can i say making humour with a dire situation is a 'greek' way of making that situation less dire it is called "aftosarkasmos" difficult word indeed;)