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Jun 4, 2016
I had a heart breaker on the weekend.

I was 'sure' Max Verstappen would dominate the British GP but his odds were borderline at -110, and I didn't want to risk big money straight up so during the 5 other races I bet last week I started making parlays with Verstappen keyed in each one. And did the same with Louis Oosth in the golf for a top 20.

Most of the other legs were in the +150 to +900 range.

Everything apart from one bet won and I was all setup with only about $300 at risk to win $1500 on Max win and another $1900 if Bell was top 5 and Best Toyota in the NASCAR race afterward.

Of course Bell legs won as well, so this is how quickly I went from over $3000 profit to a $300 loss. 3rd corner of lap 1.

Don't count your money before the fat lady sings, it just makes it hurt twice as much when the unexpected happens. :(