Corals threaten dormancy fee,then refuse £5 bet.


Nov 20, 2012
This is just a bit sad.For some time,I have known my business was not exactly welcome at Corals.Even small bets attracted the attention of their trader.Yesterday,I received an email warning me that they were about to apply a dormancy fee to my account.
So to avoid that,I decided to place a bet.I tried to bet £5 on Liverpool to draw with Man United in the Europa League at 9/4 [a price that was widely available in the market at the time].The bet was referred to their trader,and declined !
I have requested a withdrawal of the money in my Coral account.


New member
May 21, 2013
This sort of thing, unfortunately, no longer surprises me where Coral are concerned (I've long since stopped betting with them). You're right to withdraw your balance and I would ask them to close your account as well, as it's obvious they no longer want your custom. Indeed, if they won't accept a £5 bet at a widely available 9/4, then they've effectively closed your account in any case. Very sad that such a famous name in the industry should have been reduced to this.