Coral - ESSA Settlement


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I placed a bet with Coral in May last year, and they are advising me that it's under investigation with ESSA (ACS Inainte Modelu vs FC Unirea 2004 Slobozia). They won't provide me with any information, I also approached ESSA asking for confirmation and have heard nothing. Is there anything that I can do? The lack of transparency in the process seems very strange, with neither side willing to divulge any information. Feels a bit odd that there's no way to confirm what's actually happening.



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It is a bit odd. And a horrible system. But under the agreement they follow they are not allowed to tell you anything more than an investigation is going on.

I have seen ESSA confirm for people when there is Not an investigation underway when books have claimed there was a few times but I think they will not comment on investigations underway. Mostly not to smear anyone unfairly but also to not give information that may help match fixers avoid detection.