Coolbet scamming


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Dec 11, 2020
I started playing on coolbet about a week ago, because I wanted to try out sports betting for the first time. They happened to have sign up bonus for sports so I was happy to give it a shot.
I deposited 150 euros and made a bet. After one day I came to check the result and the bet had won. I felt really happy. I betted again because I had still wager to do. The second bet won and I had managed to complete the wager
with now the balance looking nice at 1.3k euro. All to this point was easy and clear, just like it should be. BUT THEN, started the complicate process by the side of the site, to make me give up my winnings because
of the hardness of the process. First I uploaded a passport picture as it was requested. They approved it, but now they also wanted proof of address document and pictures of my credit card. Once again, I compiled with them and sent them what they requested for.
The documents got approved and I thought I would now finally get my cashout. BUT NO, now they wanted screenshot of my bank account and a selfie with my id. At this point I felt that they were just playing games with me to avoid paying winnigns that I happened to won with luck.
I began to realize how some of these sites, including coolbet, operate. Depositing is very easy, you play games that have negative RTP and withdrawing is very hard. Anyway, once again I sent them the requested documents of id selfie and screenshot from online bank.
The screenshot from online bank got accepted, but the selfie not. I uploaded two more selfies, but neither one of them was approved either. Now my account is closed and I am very very mad.


Nov 20, 2012
Try the complaints button on the right of this page.It is easier to get documents verified before depositing.