CM Punk to return at 225... And he might actually win this one

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Apr 13, 2018
He has no chance to win, the fact that he is fighting is a disgrace and a black eye on the sport. Even more so after he lost his first fight in under 2 minutes or

whatever it was.He will not make it out of the first round, TKO within a few minutes.

Mike Jackson is a professional fighter that has been training since 2008, has a extensive amature career and was a 2011 Houston Gold Gloves Champion.

CM Punk was a WWE superstar, a wrestling actor who has such a big social media following and is buddies with Dana White that we has given a chance

to fight because of who he was not what he accomplished to get that spot.

No different then when Jose Canseco fought Hong Man Choi in Dream, a publicity move to bring in more $$$

I high school state champion wrestler has a better chance the CM Punk, and a better and more respectable athletic pedigree.

UFC has become such a shit show lately, it became the premier MMA organization

because the best fought the best, as it has grown and with the sale we are seeing what made it great slowly beginning to fade away.

That Chicago card is stacked with great athletic talent up and down the card but CM Punk is the only one that doesn't belong.

I would respect him if he took some fights in the amatures or other organizations and worked his way up like everyone else.

Even Brock Lesnar and David Batista started in smaller organizations and got experience first.

I can respect the fact that he will make that walk, anyone willing to walk down an aisle in practically underwear and get locked into a cage in front of thousands of

people and fight another individual deserves some respect for having the balls to do it.
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