Cavs vs Raptors!


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Lebron carried the Cavs on his back just to get out of round 1. A tough 7 games played and Lebron said he was exhausted.

It took the Raptors 6 games to finish the series and move on.

Now we the Lebron and Co. play the #1 seed in the East. I personally don't think they will win. He can only do so much and doesn't have the support against

the top tier teams in the league. So this leads me to a few questions I have.

Do you think the Cavs can beat the Raptors?

Will Lebron have to play like he did in games 6 & 7 of round 1 in order for the Cavs to win?

If they lose, he will be criticized, will the criticism be justified if they lose?

If he plays great but they still lose does he still deserve the criticism?

I think the only way Lebron doesn't get criticized is he at least takes the Cavs to the finals which I don't see happening.

Cavs vs Raptors (-6.5)

6 pm CT TNT


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TBH, not only do I think Raptors win the series, they should. This should be a wake up call for the Cavs to realize Lebron won't last forever.