Cashed Out before Goal disallowed- No pay out


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Nov 1, 2020
Hi yesterday I did an 11Fold over2.5 goals with Bet365. The kick off times ran throughout the day and I was continually offered Cash Outs but refused. The final two games were Willem ll in Eredivisie and Barca in LaLiga. Finally I was sweating on Barca and in 81 the third goal went in. An offer of the full amount appeared in Cash Out and I clicked to accept and the money moved to my 365 account. The goal was then disallowed. In the meantime I moved the winnings to my personal account. My 365 account then showed a figure of minus £399 (not sure where that figure came from)
The money never made my personal account. I used The Smart Chat facility on the 365 website to raise the matter but to cut a long story they refused and offered me a goodwill £50 which I declined.
My view is that the cash out figure is there to get punter to stop the bet and whether a goal is scored or not that figure fluctuates throughout the life of the accumulator and I chose to accept it in good faith when the 365 notification of a goal appeared on my phone. Their system is at fault here as (in the current climate of delayed decisions due to VAR etc) it should Suspend immediately (as they are keen to do throughout matches) then give a figure. Am I peeing in the wind here with this matter or is there an Ombudsman I can approach. I am expecting an email from a team leader today or tomorrow but presumably that will just reiterate what’s already been said
Thanks for reading this story. Is there any advice available?


Nov 20, 2012
Bet365 may argue that beause they offered you a full payout,they were getting nothing for the risk of the goal being disallowed. However,that was their choice,and it seems mean of them to go back on their offer now.


Mar 3, 2021
The fact that you have scored so many goals is very cool!


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May 26, 2021
I love when people are so motivated and have so many purposes in their life. I am such a person that I am always happy for those people that win and achieve great goals and results in their lives. I did put bets on football teams and recently I realized that it does not give me any satisfaction anymore and because of that I have less profit. Now I play on and I started to play poker and I think poker will be my favorite game for the rest of my life.
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