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Hi guys,

I have just joined and have some valuable info regarding this canbet fiasco. I am a Canbet member and have requested a withdrawal for 4k Australian Dollar. This was a couple of weeks ago. Anyway I sent 3-4 emails to them regarding this and they just ignored me. The funny thing is that after doing some research I discovered that the Canbet head office is just around the corner from where I live. This is in Melbourne, Australia by the way. So I gave them a call with an Australian local number and managed to speak to a chief manager there. His name was Micheal. I was on the phone to Micheal for a good 30 mins. During this 30 minute conversation I drilled the crap out of the guy and I advised that if he and the company don't pick there act up I will be heading down to the office with the local police and a legal team. The conversation ended with Micheal advising that the payment should be in my bank account mid next week. He has also sent this through via email to me what was discussed on the phone. My personal impression from the conversation is that they are struggling financially and that is why they are spinning all this bulshit about technical issues. Hopefully for mine and all other customers sake they
recover and start paying everyone out soon. I also emailed the IBAS in the Uk, who advised me that Canbet have also given them this bullshit technical issues excuse and to give them some time as they have been paying customers out 3-4 weeks in delay currently. Let me know if you want any more info from me regarding the issue.




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So have they not paid you yet? Fingers crossed.

The excuse of technical issues etc for delaying payouts are BS. Canbet still offering a nice 100% bonus up to £150/$250. They should not accept new customers if they cannot payout the ones they have.

My opinion is that they are struggling for money and will be a matter of time until they close down.

Shame as Canbet was a very solid bookmaker back in the day!


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Anyone received a withdrawal in the last month or so? Been waiting 2 months now for my low two figure biggie yet, but starting to get impatient.


Waiting a week for my withdrawal of just under £1000.I'll try to remember to post here if I get paid.They also claimed in an email that I had to agree to pay 5% of my last deposit of £250 because I'd only bet a small part of it - but that was their fault because they suddenly restricted my bets to £6 or £7.
I also hadn't known about their problems - they used to have a solid reputation.Shame.


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Owed nearly £6k since early November - tried my best to resolve directly...but uptil now only received copy & paste replies so am having to post and complain now properly.


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The Gambling Commission is also implicated in this matter. They have failed to protect the customers..Staff will receive the sack in the new year following The Sun report. Email your concerns and do not give up.


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A message has now appeared on their homepage saying that, with effect from 31 December 2013, Canbet has temporarily ceased accepting bets and deposits due to an ongoing system malfunction affecting both deposits and withdrawals. They say that they have informed the UK Gambling Commission of this development. No clear indication is given as to how long they will be closed for business. More details can be found at