Bwin Live Roullete Complain


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Sep 12, 2013
So i started playing on live roullete at bwin. Everything was good until i started to play bigger amounts.

So i was playing on Black collor at every hand, there was 8 RED in a ROW...
And ofcourse, was Obviously that in next 1-2 hand will be 100% a black..

When i was ready to bet, my amount was going to 0! With no reason..The chat didn't blocked, the window was still running without any problem but my amount got 0 and the "nice" live support just telling me "reconnect".

How to reconnect WHEN i LOST allready alot of money on beting black, and when it was the turn to win, my amount was 0???? And ofcourse, the number was 6 black.
I took 2 screenshots because i really didn't know how to react or what to do..
E-mailed them and askng me details.. After that telling me that can be network problems etc..
As i can sai, i got a business packet as internet (romania has good internet connection) so they CAN'T JUST BLAME ME for theyr tricks.

All i want is to give me BACK my last amount wich i had before to bet or to take the bet as placed since i couldn't BET because of their "problems".

They should pay for theyr problems and not me.


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Nov 15, 2012
I see that you also have a problem with Sportingbet. Apparently you state they closed your account for fraudulent action and you voted down their in-running betting.

How does you being a fraudster or an alleged fraudster has anything to do with their in-running betting? Are you just mad at them and are you going to vote down all the positive comments that you find ruining the submissions of other members?