Bwin account verification


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I placed a bet at Anfield with which won. Subsequently I placed other bets but then had a successful bet with them which they dishonoured with no reason given. So I have tried to close my account. I am not bothered about the dishonoured bet and the balance is just over £40 but they have not sent it to me, despite saying they would. I have given them Passport copies, SWIFT numbers, IBAN numbers, every single piece of information they asked for but they appear incapable of refunding my money. I just want to be finished with them but am increasingly suspicious of them. If they are like this with £40 what would it be like with a larger amount. Any help you can give me will be appreciated.


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Same old bwin. They are known for their extended "customer verification process" - so annoying. In my experience, they tend to do this for small amounts, so most users give-up over 40 Euros - they so this to 100 customers and they have a nice amount of money). If you keep at them (as annoying as it is & as long as everything is above board) you will eventually get paid - you just have to be patient and relentless. This is the main reason I would assume that they are in the Bookmakers Review orange list.