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[h=2]What is Refer-A-Friend?[/h]
Refer-A-Friend (RAF) is an incentive program that rewards you for spreading the word about BookMaker to your friends. You can earn $500 (or currency equivalent) for every friend you refer. Refer as many friends as you like. [h=2]How do I introduce my friends?[/h]
Simply login to your BookMaker account and click the "Refer-A-Friend" tab. Choose from any of the available ways to invite your friends, including Email, Facebook, Twitter or your own personal link. Once invited, our reporting tools allow you to track which of your friends responded and joined. It's fully automated. [h=2]What do my friends have to do?[/h]
Once your friends receive their invite, all they have to do is join BookMaker. Your invite will have a unique referral code that ensures you are credited. Then, if they meet the requirements, you get paid.