Bookies Live Chatt

Every time i have been in contact with a bookies live chatt i start thinking of people that have been hired only becasue there dad is the highest boss on that company. Is it not the same for those that works in bookies live chatts that for everybody else when they apply for a job ? Do they not have to have qualifications or at least get the proper education from the bookie ? I dont think they have, or get, because it dosnt matter what bookie you seek help at there live chatt it`s the same. They dont know what they are doing or saying. They sometimes dont know what an eachway bet is. I am serious. Different answers depending who you ask, if you have taken part in a big promotion and need to clear something about the free bet rules i.e, you first get one answer and if you come back and you get help from someone else you get a totaly different answer. They treat you as if you where stupid when it`s clear they are the ones not knowing what they talk about. This has to end. There has to be a law against taking anyone and let him work with helping people with there money cause the way it is now it`s a lottery. Who do i get this time ? Do i get the one that end the chatt when ever he like, and so do when you ask him questions he clearly can not answer ? Or do i get the one that is so rud against you that you are getting unhealthy thoughts ? I have rarely (there are exceptions) got help from people in the live chatt that treat you nice and at the same time knows what they are talking about. Often you have to say by and try again later and hope you get another one only to get the help you need and not to feel as an idiot after. They change free bet rules after the promotion is over only because to many have been involved and qualified for a free bet. They change the rules if there are signs they are gona have to pay out, before the promotion is over. They look you`r account when ever they want just because they want and take you`r money. You`r money that you have earned by doing you`r research, thinking outside the box and picked winners that earned you good profits. Oh no. we can not alowe that, no one can win with us, we have to figure something out. And if you get mail sent to you offering promotions and you take part in them, it takes two weeks and you get a mail saying you are excluded from there coming promotions. It`s sick. They offer you something that you say yes to and only because you take the offer you are no longer alowed to take part in there promotions. I realy dont know what to say about that, it`s so stupid i didnt thought anyone could be that stupid. Something need to be done so we not only put our money on risk gambling but also by just deposit into there accounts, cause if they get a strange thought in there mind, you might have the wrong name, live in the wrong city, or country, god knows what they can do, they just close you`r account. take the money and have a company party for them.


I actually find that the people on live chat are more competent than the people who take 'phone bets,and better at getting help where necessary.Of course they aren't responsible for and have no control over the policies of their bosses.


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I agree. With the odd exception, the live chat staff I've had dealings with have been competent, polite and as helpful as could be expected. I haven't placed a telephone bet for several years, so I can't comment on the standard of call centre staff these days, but my experiences with them in the past were less that positive and their incompetence cost me money on more than one occasion.