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Unlike other bookmaker review sites, sportsbook ratings sites and betting forums, that use their top ratings to get more money from the marketing departments of online bookmakers, Bookmakers Review assigned the "5" rating only to a handful of gambling sites in its ten-year life.

There are a number of online bookmakers that Bookmakers Review is currently considering for a top rating of 5 and we would like our readers and the members of the new BMR Community to help us determine if they deserve it.


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Can I ask why you have downgraded Ladbrokes? My own experience of them ended several years ago when my account was zeroed, so I don't feel qualified to write an up to date review, but I have heard no particular complaints about them apart from the usual one of limiting.


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Ladbrokes used to have a superior online offering compared to other major UK high-street bookmakers, but not anymore.

Hence the rating reassessment which if anything was probably long due.


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If Ladbrokes is a 5 then you would have to make bet365 and William Hill a 5 based on the Bookmakers Review parameters. 5 = Perfect. I do not think one exists otherwise everyone would just bet with that bookmaker.


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In my opinion you cannot say a bookmaker offers an exceptional experience if they have a policy of limiting a player's bets or closing accounts. That certainly rules out Ladbrokes, as it does Bet365, Wm Hill, Paddy Power and all the other Euro. and Australian sportsbooks.

That leaves only SBO, Pinnacle and the exchanges Betfair and Matchbook as potentially deserving of a 5 rating.


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Fair enough.

Actually one of the projects we are about to present is the "player groups rating" where groups of players divided by style of betting (recreational, professional, arber, bonus hunter, matched bettor), will each determine the rating of the bookmakers they play with.

That's actually the idea, whether enough players will be willing to participate is another story.

martin heinz

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I had an account with Hills..first 2 weeks won plenty then max stake fell through floor.wasnt worth bothering.Only had 2 good weeks.