May 13, 2014
Say hello to you! so I can only advise you absolutely

still Betway !

I am , alas, since many years customer at Betway ...

please do not make the same mistake I did !

1st If you ever paid for a " right " is this takes at

least 4 business days, it is even happen for a whole week

! no fun ......

2nd No 24/7 Support German there are a maximum of 4-5

employees who are responsible for everything .. Online

answer lie , read e-mail , telephone , etc , etc. ...

3rd For me this is worst .. I am 100% convinced that the

video slots as well as roulette and blackjack ( what I

know) are manipulated . why ? when one has lost a sum

that is at once well , you have € 5000 lost ok ? then one

row at a time € 3,000 and that is the risk of addiction

because you think being able to win it all again .. and

this is the crucial point .. that will never happen ..

well you do then of course on .. and what happens ?

absolutely no chance, no matter how often you make breaks

in between , no matter what you play, you are doomed to

lose .. I shot even more than 1200 times without free -

play and non-profit ... until you have lost everything,

and then begins the "games" from the beginning ...

4th my suggestion .. do not play ! but if you have to try

it myself yet then please go together .. the best a sum

win and then uninstall Account Casino Announce and never

again! because the next time are doomed to lose their

5th You think I'm probably just a " Deppt addict " since

you've probably fairly or not .. the point is that what I

say is based on many years and the money I will no longer

get back ..

6th I only post here my mistake and avoid it happening

other people and even the future it goes .

7th General I would by all online casinos advise ... I

personally games currently still on casino euro so far

quite satisfied payouts within seconds , and win often ..

not very large sums but always out so between 400-1200 €

and sometimes lose only :) but definitely does not happen

to me so bad Manipulates :)

8th Betway and many other casinos are you in , among

other allegations amounted to e- COGRA point out that you

can also forget directly ! either be the tricked out or

earn with ... neither is good :)

9th I just hope when you read this it's not too late !

(This text would with Google setting , I'm sorry if there

are errors )

BMR Forum

BMR Forum

Nov 15, 2012
Thank you chris0027 for taking the time to share this feedback against bookmaker Betway.

Can you please draft these in an email to