Betway restrictions


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Good evening. Just wondering if anyone could help me. I had a winning bet today that drifted from 7s to 16s. I was only paid out at 7s. Betway said they restricted my account 6 weeks ago. They said they emailed me but i have no email in my inbox or spam. Restricting me is fine but can they do it without letting me know??? Appreciate any advice.


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Unfortunately bookmakers are not obliged to inform you of restrictions to your account such as the withdrawal of a Best Odds Guaranteed concession (I assume that's what Betway have done here), although most will contact you out of common courtesy. For what it's worth I once had an account closed down entirely without being informed of what had happened.

If you're happy to continue using Betway, that's fine, but having concessions withdrawn from your account is often a prelude to a bookmaker closing the account completely, so you might want to consider taking your custom elsewhere in the not-too-distant future.