Betway possible dispute?


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Aug 8, 2014
I made a sports bet for the Football (Celtic - Legia Warszawa) in 2 accumulators

The result has been changed officially from a Celtic loss to a win due to an ineligible player being used. I have gone through the terms and conditions and it says the official result will stay. Celtic were awarded 3-0 win but both remain as losses for me.

I have spoken to the customer services and they are not agreeing with me but are not giving me evidence to show why I am not entitled to my payout. I have tried to look for terms but states only about official result.

How can I pursue this and what chances to I have


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May 21, 2013
I've had a good look at their Betting Rules section and, like you, I can find nothing other than a general statement to the effect that bets are settled according to the official result. In this case there is no doubt that the official result as recorded by UEFA is a 3-0 win for Celtic. Interestingly I could find nothing on their site to say that bets are settled according to the official result at the time the market is settled. If they had such a clause in their terms and conditions, then they might have a case for arguing that the 'official' result at the time of settlement was a 2-0 win for Legia and this was only changed later on when the issue of the ineligible player came to light. Without such a clause, however, I think they have no grounds at all for not paying out on a Celtic win.

I would have another go at them, but if, as I suspect will happen, they still refuse to pay, then you should register a complaint against them with BMR Support ( and also contact the Lotteries & Gaming Authority Malta (by whom Betway are licensed) with details of your situation. Their contact email is - I can't guarantee that the LGA will help you as their record of assisting players is patchy to say the least, but you should certainly make them aware of this issue. Good luck!