betVictor limit my account and won't honour a bonus.

I joined betVictor last week and after a few bets they refuse to take my action any more.This is fine but my account has €25 bonus funds which expires after 3 days and they won't let me use.I complied with their conditions to get the bonus so surely they should be obliged to let me use it.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing?


That's not very sporting but sadly they are entitled to do it.They must not have liked your bets.I suggest you tell what happened on social groups and twitter - assuming you have proof.


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They have always been very quick to limit or close any account which frightens them (i.e. one which they think will cost them money in the long term). In some cases they have done so after only one or two (losing) bets. It's a tendency which seems to be getting worse and it does them no credit. As long as they've refunded your account balance (minus any bonus funds), then just forget about them and take your custom elsewhere. These days no serious player should bother with them in my view.

Hope you are keeping well, Quincunx.


Yes,thanks,Trevrizent - welcome back ! Sorry if I annoyed you earlier.
As for betVictor,its a shame that a once-famous name should go to waste.
Betting company are smart, if they find out that you will win money they.... limit or bans you. Everything is thought. But there is an option.
You can buy another account !

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