betvernons - any info ?


Has anyone tried them ? No newBMR or SBR mention - the only review I have seen is on bettingpro.Just curious.They will probably get business due to the name being associated with Vernons Football Pools.


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Been around for years. I'm sure it's the same brand that ran the football pools for years before all merging with ladbrokes however not sure if it's the same company originally - could be a company that bought the rights to the name / logo. But they are pretty safe as far as bookies go. They did have some payment issues at the beginning of September, but I think that may have been due to either new UK regulation or changing of payment processors. Never seen a complaint since then or prior to then.

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We haven't had much feedback on this shop. Please do keep it coming and we will do some digging on our end.


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Owned by netplaytv plc a floated company on the London Stock exchange. Also own jackpot247 and supercasino. Being part of a UK plc would suggest its pretty safe. Also looking on the LSE, revenue has increased every year since 2009 and also pretax profits have increased each year also.