bett365 cheating



Jul 19, 2016

i am submitting this complaint against bet365.

Today i was watching a match against Samobor vs Cibalia, at about 70 minutes, Bet365 has the odds of Cibalia TO QUALIFY at 1.28, then after 5 minutes the odds rose to 1.33 and i placed my bet. After another 5 minutes the odds rose to 1.4 since the match was still a draw 1=1 and i place another bet. After another 5 minute the odds rose to 1.50 and i place another bet. Then at 90th minute, the odds rose to 1.61 since the match was a draw and entering extra time and i placed another bet. I placed a total bet of 2600 pounds on this bet to win 3799 pounds but bet365 sent me a message after 2 hours the game has ended and extra played that my odds was changed to 1.1, 1.11, 1.14 an 1.16 and they payed me a total of 2937 pounds instead of 3799.

I had a chat with bet365 and they said that the odds where OBVIOUS error, I have attached a screen shot of this odds and i have asked bet365 to explain what is Obvious about this odds since it was not a palp and how can one avoid them so it does not occur again. Bet365 cannot explain they just said that it does not occur everyday and they are taking care of it.

This looks like stealing to me since if my bet loses, then it is a loser but if it win, then it becomes reviewed to a lesser odd.

Can you advise on what more to do this bookie, i have already reported the case to the gambling commission