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Apr 24, 2013
Recently an interesting story happened with Betrockit and an user. This was the text complaint I wrote down to BMR and SBR. Both of them couldn't get in touch with Betrockit yet.

Hello there, my name is João Morais, I'm a professional sports bettor on the internet. First of all I wish to say I appreciate very much the work you do. This is the job I love, what I fell in love with and there is nothing compared to the passion of doing what you like to do and get paid by it. I don’t see myself doing anything else than this and the only thing I could do instead of betting was working with you guys. But this is just me thinking… anyway, I am writing to you because a friend of mine is in a very difficult position as he is in a dispute with a sports book. He asked me to see if he has any chance of winning this situation, so I looked into it. He told me he presented the situation to SBR some weeks ago, but he didn’t heard from them. Anyway, his complaint was not the most clear or correct, so I’m here to enlighten this. My friend presented you a very complex situation, but although he has some part of the guilt on this, it’s not his entirely. I’m not saying this because he’s my friend, I’m saying this because I study sportsbooks every day and I found some irregularities in all this process.
The sportsbook is, which I have already red-flagged a few weeks ago, as they don’t allow professional bettors. I’ve studied them down before the red-flag and they were offering odds similar to and a 200$ bonus for a 400$ deposit with 12 times rollover bonus + deposit before a payout could be asked. Seems fair, as this is a big rollover, but a good bonus percentage. At the time, the promotions couldn’t be seen on the webpage of betrockit as when a player clicked on “promotions” an error popped up. That was the second main reason for me to red-flagged it. Now, conditions for promotions on sports and casino can be seen on their webpage as they were able to correct the error on the page.
Tiago Miranda, my friend, opened and account with Betrockit on the 12th of March 2013. On the same day he deposited 400$ and got a 200$ bonus. On 12th March 2013, he says, nobody could see the bonus conditions and when a player should deposit his first money in the account, it would show the print I send you (pic 1). I tested this today by creating a fictitious account and going to cashier to deposit some money (which I obviously won’t going to do, I just wanted to know if this picture would show up). And before I could get the chance of depositing, the very same image was showing on the screen. Seeing this, I was stunned with the lack of information on Betrockit. There is no information about the bonus conditions on the acceptation process whatsoever. Furthermore, there is no explicit question such as “Do you accept the bonus conditions for the first deposit bonus?”. In ALL books I’ve got bonuses, I always had this question in front of me or had to get a code for the bonus. So, a player is, in fact, accepting something he just don’t know what it is. I have to underline the fact that a few weeks ago, the bonus conditions couldn’t be seen anywhere as it showed an error when a player tried to see it. This I know for a fact as I saw it with my own eyes. I can not know if this was still happening on the 12th March, but the probability of it is very high as Tiago said the very same thing as I experienced.
Tiago accepts this bonus and starts play on Betrockit, not knowing the full conditions of the bonus.
On the March 13th, Tiago thought he was limited on his max amount per bet, so he got in touch with Betrockit and sent this email:
“Hello Betrockit, I made just three bets and I'm limited at less than 100$ per bet which is going to take me months to fulfill the rollover. “
Betrockit answered this:
“Hello Tiago!
Thank you for contacting us!
You should be allowed to bet whatever amount, however only $300 will count towards turnover.
Please let us know what are the sports you are trying to wager on and what are the odds of these bets, to check it out.
Kind regards,
Member Support”
Betrockit didn’t limit Tiago’s account but they said only 300$ would count as rollover per bet. This was some important information to him as he never saw the bonus conditions. Furthermore, even though Tiago had said he would spend months to complete the rollover, Betrockit spoke no deadline on the email.
The only thing Tiago says he saw about the bonus conditions during all this process was the pic 2, where he could see how much money he had left to bet to complete the rollover and no under 1.80 odds allowed.
After 19 days of the first deposit, Tiago had 2540$ still to bet before he could ask for a payout and 3591.60$ on balance. On the 20th day, so on the second day of April, his account had 400$. This means all his winnings were voided as well as his bonus. Only his deposit was left in the account.
He then was surprised as he saw the bonus conditions for the first time and the next article:
5. The customer has 20 days to turn over the deposit amount with settled bets. If bonus expiry date is reached or if the player wishes to make a withdrawal before the bonus requirement is met, the bonus funds and any associated winnings will be surrendered.
Tiago asked for a payout of those 400$ and got in touch with SBR and with me who studied this situation.
My opinion is this one: even if the rules are clear, in no point Tiago was asked for acceptation of such a thing. He couldn’t see the conditions, so even if he clicked “accept” and got a bonus, no conditions of it were presented to him. This is the first irregular point of Betrockit. The second irregular point is players saw the conditions of this bonus only a few weeks ago (at max). Tiago says this was only after he sign up, which is very possible. Knowing this, this is just not irregular, it’s fraud.
With this entire situation, I don’t think Betrockit should give back the bonus to Tiago and allow him to play the rollover again, but I think the taking of all his winnings is fraudulent. If any, Betrockit could take 1/3 of his winnings as he played with his 400$ and 200$ of the bonus. But in fact, I think Betrockit shouldn’t be allowed to have any winnings at all. A win is a win. It’s the player’s money. Period!
So, knowing all this, I have to say it is my opinion, Betrockit owns Tiago 2991,60$.
His Username: tiagonee

Maybe you can help him out,
Thank you so much.

There are two images attached to the complaint:

Pic 1:
Pic 2:


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Nov 15, 2012
I just realized that Betrockit is yet another Oddsmatrix sportsbook.

As I said the other day for Capitolbet, Oddsmatrix has been in BMR Red list since July 2012, when we recommended players to "Stay away from all OddsMatrix bookmakers".

If players disregard our advice and continue to open accounts with these incompetents because of an attractive bonus offer, there is not much we can do other than report another case of confiscation of winnings.

BMR Forum

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Nov 15, 2012
We'll try to speak to OddsMatrix, but we cannot promise anything.

When we advise players to stay away from a bookmaker or a group of bookmakers, especially Red list bookmakers, is because they are repeat offenders and when problems arise they are totally unresponsive.


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Apr 24, 2013
Thank you newBMR. Please write to me when new updates about this subject are in order.
Much appreciated :)