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Feb 8, 2015
As I've seen in the instructions the matter should be posted in the forum for "approval" before filling a complaint right?

Betmotion is a betting site known mainly in Brasil I think, they used to have some interesting bonus for Portugal too, were I live, roughly one month ago when I was nearing the end of the requested rollover for a black friday bonus promotion, I contacted to know the exact amount remaining for being able to make an withdrawal, the amount given wasn't the same I had but that is not the point. For my surprise precisely after that contact when I attempted to enter the sports section of the site the message:

This area of the site is blocked for players in this country.
In case of doubts, please get in contact through our Live Chat or by mail to:"

Immediately contacted them again via live chat where they confirmed they ended the sports section in my country, saying that the only way to complete the rollover was to play the slot machines in the casino área. An area that I never used and not intend to, besides that the casino rollover was much higher than the sports section and attempting a rollover in slots is madness.

Before that message appeared on the spots section I was NEVER contacted in any way with information regarding the sports section shutdown for Portugal.

After exchanging some mails someone finally said, and as I understand this is a standard procedure, they're not doing any favors, that I could withdraw the initial value of the deposit losing the bonus and profit. Although the solution was not ideal, I went for it, they said that the withdrawal would take 3 days, after 3 weeks and different excuses that range from "it's a problem between us and Neteller delaying the operation" and "It's in analysis in the financial department" MY money is still there.

It's a viable case for submitting a complaint? Any chance of success?


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Nov 20, 2012
Hi,Benassi.Apologies for not having spotted your post earlier.It looks as if you do have grounds to raise a dispute.You can do that by using the sticky at the top of the forum page.
Have any laws or regulations changed recently that would justify Betmotion from banning customers from Portugal ? Were they banned orginally by Betmotion ?
It might also be a good idea to contact Neteller and ask them what the problem is.
N.B. The contributors to the forum - like myself - have no authority - we just try to help.