Betin confiscate my winning


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I made a account in Betin I deposited and received bonus for new customer.
I deposited 100£. I placed 6-7 bets and won 1399.2£. I made a withdraw with part of my winning and they ask me documents. I sent my passport and bank statement. They approved my documents. Then i made withdraw but they again return my money in my Betin account. I ask them why they return my money and after that they close my account and pay only my first deposit, without my winnings.
Here is the email who i received from Betin:
Dear Client,

Please be informed that we have found your IP address is the same of other accounts.

Therefore, you have breached the Free bet’s terms and condition that only one free bet per Ip address or household is allowed.

Please be informed, that as a commercial decision, we have refunded your initial deposit of 100.00£ on your Moneybookers account and permanently closed your player account.

Kind Regards
Betin Team

There are a mistake. In my home I only have an account in this bookie.
I do not know what's happening. No one can enter from my computer in other account. I only use the computer. I do not understand what is the problem?
Can you help me to receive my money?
Or please tell me where i can fill the complaint for help.
I want everyone to know that they are scammers and they are invent reasons for not paying! I will write in all betting forums.
I am not violated the site rules.


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Did I read correctly that you successfully received one payment and that your documents were approved?


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My documents were approved. I sent my passport and bank statement.
I received only my deposit - £100. I have £1399.2 , but they closed my account.


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They told me that they have found my IP address is the same of other account.
But it is not possible, because I only use my dongle. It is NOT possible someone else using my dongle.
Nobody there are an account here where I live. I am not related to anyone else. I have not violated any of Betin points in the rules. I think that they do not want to pay my winning and they invent a reason to not pay me.
It's all very strange. If I lost everything would be fine. But now they invent reasons to not pay me.

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A dongle receives the signal from a router, so there is always the possibility that you end up with the same IP as another user, although bookmakers even though they just tell players to have matched an IP address, they normally have other information on top of the IP address to match accounts.

For example: have you shared tips with your friends?