Betfair won't return deposit or promotion on excluded account


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Jun 14, 2020
This week with the £20 to get £20 free exchange promotion I signed up to Betfair and deposited £25 and gambled this money to meet the promotion terms. I was waiting for the £20 promotion to appear in my account when I was unable to login with it saying I've been self excluded.

I contacted customer service who said because I've excluded from Paddy Power (which I did in 2007 when Betfair weren't merged with them) I cannot open a Betfair account. I've asked for my £25 deposit back as I only deposited to get the promotion- or at least my remaining account balance plus the promotion value of £20 but they are refusing to do both (they claim I tried to open an account in 2009 which they closed before I deposited or made any bets and can only offer my remaining funds back of £0.27.) They say I used different details this week so they couldn't detect me before I made a deposit - my name and DOB was correct but I have moved address and changed email account since 2007.

Is it worth trying to get either the deposit or promotion money back if so how best to go about this or just leave it?

I know it's not a lot of money but I wouldn't have deposited if I'd known being excluded from PP should mean I couldn't open a Betfair account.


Nov 20, 2012
Have they quoted a clause in their terms and conditions that says a Paddy Power self-exclusion bars you from opening a Betfair account ? If they have then my guess is you won't get anywhere with this.If they haven't then ask them about that - as you may still be in with a shout.