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Hello Bookmakers Review Community,

My BetCity account has been locked same day after opening


On May 06, 2021: I opened an account with BetCity, the account number provided was:
On May 06, 2021: Deposited 80 EUR using Skrill
On May 06, 2021: Placed a few bets, going from 80 EUR to 115 EUR
On May 06, 2021: I received the following email from BetCity

"Dear Sir/Madam David Herrera.

Your Account №13127213 has been disabled under subclause 3 of Item 13 of the General provisions of the Rules.
Administration of betting company reserves right to block the opportunity of client's account to place bets, cancel all bets or address to law enforcement bodies if the following cases are found out:
13.3 Bets were made by a group of registered clients on the base of previous concert – in a coherent manner to avoid restrictions that were previously set by the betting company.

For us to verify your account please specify all your registered account numbers and send scan copies of your passport to e-mail

Please do not resurrect the topic and leave quotes.
Best regards, Administration"

Following by:

"Dear Sir/Madam David Herrera.

For identification of blocked account №13127213 you should send the folowing documents on e-mail:

1) photo, where you you are holding your passport opened (passport data must be of a good quality) near your face;
2) photo of your opened passport with another document (of your choice), for example: driving licence, international passport etc"

I complied with all the information requested, they asked more than what was on the email, I work as a KYC advisor in my home country so I understand how it works, I understand that Identity Theft is an issue especially for Sportsbooks.

Now they're asking for "all my account numbers", which I don't have, I just have one account with team, neither a family member, my WiFi is residential so basically no-one could used my Internet connection to access the site. I explained twice to the support agent that I don't have any other account with them and is just simply copy-pasting the same request.

I really hope someone could help me or give me some advice to sort out this situation, this is not about money it is about abuse, about wrong ways of doing business.

Have a nice day you all



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Thanks for sharing, David. Welcome to the Bookmakers Review community.

We will share your forum post with Betcity and request to speak with them. I will also reach out to you privately.