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Jan 30, 2015
Hi All

I have just signed up to see if other people have had the same trouble that I have had with BetBright. Today I have been informed im no longer allowed to stake any money on their site and they cannot disclose any more information as to the reason why. I bet between evens or 1.6 outcomes with stakes in the region of £500 and are probably on about £4000 profit over the past month. I don't claim in any way to be professional and let the bookmaker decide what they think is going to win by just looking at the odds. I feel that this bookmaker is more than willing to take peoples money but less than willing to pay-out, I would appreciate any comments from anyone with similar experiences.



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May 21, 2013
Have they refunded to you all the money that was in your account? As long as they have refunded it, there's nothing you can do as bookmakers are entitled to close any account at their discretion. Just forget about them and find another bookmaker to bet with - there are plenty of decent ones to choose from (in fact several I would regard as better than BetBright). If they are refusing to refund any money that they owe you, then that's a different matter and if you post details of your situation on here, we'll see what help or advice we can offer.


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Oct 6, 2014
There are a variety of reasons why they would close your account, the main one being Their traders would have decided you are an unprofitable customer.
While you may think your stakes are small in your eyes, a lot of bookies would see them as large stakes that a professional may be placing. Most bookies want casual punters who will regularly deposit and lose small stakes such as £25.

Also if your account was new, this would have been under heavier security checks than an account which is 6months+ older.

Although you were backing clear favourites, you could also have either been beating the SP (i.e taking value) or your selections may have appeared on arbing software, in which case the bookie doesn't want your custom (arbitrage betting is usually listed in the terms).

As Trevrizent said, as long as you get your withdrawal, just find another bookie and move on.

It doesn't sound like you're actually making a complaint, just you're annoyed they don't want your custom. Of course bookies don't want to pay out as they're a business and want as much profit as possible. They'll pay you your balance so I wouldn't worry too much. Never seen a complaint about Betbright before or heard of them confiscating balances.