Bet365 tries to steal money?


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Sep 24, 2018

My username on bet365 is pljugenzice.
Over 7 months ago(beginning of February) my bet365 account was locked for no particular reason. It was fully verified and bet365 did not ask for any additional documents.
They just said that my account was under review.
The deposit amount was around 5k $ and total winnings were over 9k $.
For half a year I was doing nothing, just patiently waiting for them to complete their review because I've done nothing wrong, periodically poking them to see how is it going.
Every my attempt to contact them through live chat/resolver ended up absolutely the same way: "you account is under review, we will contact you when it's complete" (please see attachment)


After 6 months I was completely fed up with this nonsense,as I beleived that half a year was more than enough time to complete any review/internal investigation.
And I started gathering information. During the last month I managed to find 8 people who are in a surprisingly similar situation (account locked for no particular reason for a long period of time) and over a dozen
people with accounts suspended due to bet365 asking for additional verification(all of a sudden) and doing everything in their power to stall the verification process.
85% of these accounts are long-term winners (though I only have their word for it).

The total value of these accounts is just under 200 000 $.

And it seems that according to bet365 TOS after an account is inactive(locked counts as inactive) for over a year, they can start embezzling this money by charging a 5% per month administrative fee.
I start to wonder if this is a common practice. To lock accounts, wait for a year of "inactivity" and embezzle the money. If so then it's nothing else but theft.

As enough time has passed already I can escalate this dispute to IBAS. However, from what I found it's comlpetely useless(no harm in trying though?) and takes weeks just to get a response.

Another option we are currently investigating is a collective legal action. However, it is yet unclear if it can be done.

I believe that the least we can do is to raise awareness, that this is what might happen when you win money from bet365.
And even if everything else amounts to nothing and I lose my money, I will continue to spread this information so that others think twice before depositing there.

If you are in a similar situation, pls, feel free to contact me.
Any advice how to deal with this situation is greatly appreciated.


Mar 23, 2018
Sure thing think a great book like 365 doesn't know you are arbing or beating live betting. What types of bets did you put ti? Let me guess a tiny market that few know of? Or maybe you have a faster feed in some cases. Dont believe you for a second.

Another dude who tried to rip off a solid book.


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Jun 4, 2016
If they have reported the account under AML (anti money laundering) guidelines they are not supposed to tell you anything more than that an investigation is under way.

This could be the reason for your treatment.

If you are in the UK I would ask IBAS to check on the situation for you, or their Gibraltar regulator if you are outside the UK.