Bet365 not returning my deposit after "verifying my account"



Jul 19, 2015
Bet365 username : 100kyear

I have a dispute ongoing with Bet365 regarding them telling me numerous times that my account was verified after i send them all documents needed and completed the callback they requested.

I already completed my verification last week. But account deposit option was blocked as i was told to complete a call back verification request.

Fair enough i was allowed to proceed with my withdrawal request.

But now after completing the call back verification and being informed my account was been verified.

Bet365 re-enabled my deposit option. I made an deposit after asking Bet365 Support numerous time if my account was good to go. I was assured my account was fully verified more than once and was told not to worry and just deposit and play. But now once i made my withdrawal. It was cancelled within 3 hours.

I was told to wait for 24 hours and i asked your Bet365 support staff during this time if i needed to do anything. I was told none was needed and my funds would be in soon.

But the money never arrived and Bet365 starting asking for documents which i tried my best to send in whatever i got.

But Bet365 refused to accept them and this time refused to return my deposit even after i told Support Staff i would forfeit whatever winnings and just proceed back my initial deposit.

I do not know where to go for help and i had every chat logs regarding this.

Please help me out


Leoe Kok Zi Kie