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Hi, i placed a bet on home team on bet365 platform and the game ended with visitor win.However the home team made objection against the loyalty of the game and it is very likely the game to be repeated.However the bookmaker considers my bet lost even if the game repeats.How can i claim for my bet to be at least refunded if the game repeats?Thank you for your help.

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It is hard to comment without knowing the teams and the exact circumstances.

But correct me if I'm wrong: are you saying that your bet lost but you think it should be refunded?

Would you have refunded the bookmaker had the bet won?


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I am refering to the game of euroleague olympiakos-siena.Eueoleague is going to decide the game to be repeated.i had the same problem 3 years ago with a game of eurocup(tubbigen-besiktas) on betfair.My bet won,but after the objection of tubbigen the game repeated and my stake was refunded,although my bet won.