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I registred 8 nov on bet365 deposit money placed bet,after that I follow all instructions about KYC and after couple days get email
Your account is fully ferified.
On 24 Dec I placed 7,5k on Newcastle to win odd 2.1(this bet was loosing)
After couple hours I get email

Following previously inconclusive verification checks, we require that you send a picture of yourself holding your ID card to at your earliest convenience.

Please ensure that the document is held at head height, that the image is clear, and that your face on both the document and the photograph of yourself is visible.

Can you also provide details a suitable time and telephone number that we can use to contact you to discuss your account as we were unable to contact you using the telephone number listed in your account.

For noting - you will not be able to access your account until the above document has been received and we have been able to discuss your account with you over the phone.

Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

In order to proceed, we will need you to confirm your username and four-digit security number. If you are unable to recall your four-digit security number, go to Services in the top right corner of our website, click on Help, select FAQ - My Account and refer to What if I forget my four-digit security number.

We look forward to hearing from you. Our team are available 24 hours a day by Live Chat, via email freephone +800 44 144 359 or alternatively call +44 1782 684757 and we will be pleased to assist you.

Kind regards,

Paul O
The bet365 Team

pretty starnge email to verified account..
OK,I sent requested photo and invite Paul to call me at any time on my bet365 account registred phonu number.
Tomarrow will be 7 days-NONE answer on my email,NONE call from PAUL(or other agent)My account is closed now...

what you think about this?This is normall procedure from bet365 side??


It's not that strange.All of the hugely annoying KYC [know your customer] stuff seems to be evolving as a result of legislative bureaucracy from the authorities who claim that it is there to prevent criminal activity/money laundering.The failure to call you might be partly because of Christmas,and partly because actually 'phoning you would be expensive for Bet365 as it uses the time of a staff member who has to be paid wages.
What bookmakers should not be doing is telling their customers that their accounts have been verified before they have had time to review the verification and satisfy themselves that it is okay.That might encourage customers to deposit money,which might then be tied up in an account while the bookies ask for more proof of ID.


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I'm not entirely surprised by this - I was never overly impressed by Bet365's customer service when I used to bet with them. I realize that Bet365 are one of the most popular and successful bookmakers on the planet, but I've always thought that they are slightly overrated (average odds, very quick to limit winning players - more so in recent years - and customer service which can be rather hit and miss). In my view they owe their phenomenal success much more to brilliant marketing strategies than to the quality of what they offer. They are unquestionably reputable (if a little pernickety sometimes) and well deserve their place on the BMR Green List, but I regard them as no more than a good solid bookmaker and can think of half a dozen others I would sooner bet with.


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Today is 4 January-2 weeks from he blocked my account!!!
Still nobody contact me(no calls),no answer on my last email sent 11(!) days ago....


Use their livechat.Perhaps they were short-staffed over the Xmas and new year period,and are catching up on a backlog of work.