Bet365 disregard for customers



Nov 17, 2014
Ive had a lot of poor experiences with Bet365's customer "service" live chats. They give robotic responses and dont entertain queries.

For example : A bet placed was held off due to rain in the game. (Yuka Higuchi v Pei-Chi Lee)
Later this bet was deemed as lost. I told them about this.

1. I had to wait for 8 mins for them to get back even after we connected and said our hellos.
2. They say like a robot "This is as per official result".
3. Can you please link me to the result?
4. Minutes later ... "no I cant find it anywhere on the internet"
5. Then couldnt it be an error?
6. No. It is as per the official result.
7. Well can I see the official result?
8. No. This is with out settlement team who is not customer facing.
9. Can you ask them?
10. No. As I have already advised ....

What bullshit.
The result is nowhere to be found on the net, and they cant even ask their settlement team for it? Pretty fukin rich.

Im ok to lose the bet, but wtf? Show me the result atleast? Its nowhere onthe net and you havent seen it either, and you arent even confirming with your team? Very rude as well. Ignoring half my sentences and answering like a moron on the other half.

How are your experiences with them?