BET365 Changed Odds


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Feb 28, 2020
Hello all, hope you are well! I wasn't sure where else to get some information on this and seen a few threads on here where people have been helped. I don't even know if I have a case or anything but so gutted.

I played an accumulator bet using BET365, anyway this was a big outside bet only £2.50 stake but things were going great then the final team scored in my favour so I cashed out instead of waiting another 5 to 10 minutes for all the games to finish. I would have got £1,500 roughly if the bet finished all in my favour but I instead cashed out around £600. Then there were late changes to the last goal and after about 5 minutes a decision was overruled in the match. I wasn't actually watching the match at the time but have since went online to see what happened.

Anyway, BET365 were changing my odds constantly even at one point a VAR went against me where they changed my price. They offered me the cash out which I took, as that is a lot of money for me, then I look to settled bets and see it is settled, I then look at withdrawable balance and see it is available to withdraw, so I withdraw most of the balance, leaving the odds in to chance my luck again with another dreamers punt. About 5 hours pass, (it was the next day) and they emailed me to say the odds were incorrect at the time of cash out and they are sorry for the inconvenience but the amount won would be £15. They then negative my balance and a few hours later zero it all off leaving nothing in the account at all.

Before I make any contact I want to know what the best course of action would be. I understand they probably have rules in place to make sure they can get away with this. Really unfair when you look at it from a punters perspective, would the same rule apply had the bet went on to win overall? Feel so down, never won anything that big in my life and due to them offering a cash out in play of a match they are now going back on that cash out and saying it was in error. Ouch

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read and I appreciate any feedback anyone can give as to what I should do.
I hate just rushing in not prepared and leaving myself the worst chance of any resolve in my favour.

Thanks again.